Trunk Space is packing up it’s bags and heading down to host a special pop-up show at Tiny Town in Tucson!

Daniel Amedee
“Daniel Amedee is living proof that a musician can be from New Orleans, but not necessarily be of New Orleans, a distinction that courses through his quirky, eccentric songwriting style, informed by a haunting bluesy vocalese that scratches the soul somewhere between Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, and certainly belies Daniel’s 29 years.” (soundcloud)

Jake Stanton Music
Jake Stanton is a songwriter from Kansas City, MO. He has spent time in different projects around KC over the years; including Junkyard Genius, Steven & Mara, My Six Gun Heart, Seedlove, as well as other smaller collaborations and supporting roles. These days, Jake spends his time on the road, hoping to reach people with his music across the country and beyond.

Local support:
Dusty Santa Maria