Opening Reception- Saturday August 13th 6PM-9PM
Closing Reception- Saturday August 20th 6PM-9PM

Tiny Town Gallery will be hosting TWO unique receptions featuring Adela Antoinette, a local illustrator and face painter, opening Saturday, August 13th and closing Saturday, August 20th. The Historic Artist Self-Portrait Face Painting Project (HASPFPP) will feature 14 photographs of Antoinette’s replications of self-portraits by iconic and historic artists, including Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Several portraits also include local guest models.

The HASPFPP started off as a monthly blog documenting research, expressing learning experiences, connections, personal growth and self-awareness while creating each work. Adela Antoinette has combined her expertise of face and body painting with studio art and photography. She has presented these photographs as documentation using as few digital methods as possible.

Adela Antoinette is a local Tucson artist and face painter. She has recently graduated from the University of Arizona’s College of Fine Art in the School of Art. Her work has been featured in several local galleries, including Raices Taller 222 Art, Exploded View, and the Sculpture Resource Center.